Transparency Declarations

Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations

At Aimmune, we are committed to operating with the highest ethical standards. We work with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), Healthcare Organisations (HCOs), other relevant decision makers (ORDMs), and Patient Organisations (POs) on a range of activities from conducting clinical trials to sharing subject matter expertise on best clinical practice. We believe that our work with HCPs, HCOs, ORDMs, and POs benefits patients, and being transparent about these interactions helps build trust with our stakeholders and the public.

When we work with HCPs, HCOs, ORDMs, and POs, we may make payments or ‘transfers of value’ to compensate them for the time spent working with us. We have clear policies and corporate standards to help ensure that these transfers of value are made in accordance with relevant all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, including industry association guidelines, as applicable.


Transparency Declarations

On an annual basis, we disclose our transfers of value to HCPs and HCOs in line with local law, regulation, and industry code.

Aimmune complies with the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI Code) in the UK. All transfers of value to HCPs, HCOs, ORDMs, and POs in the UK, including consultancy payments, travel, sponsorships to attend scientific meetings, and grants and donations are made in line with the ABPI Code and all applicable UK legislation.


UK Disclosure Report – 2021 Data


Aimmune’s Methodological Note and 2021 Disclosure Report can be found HERE


Aimmune’s disclosures regarding Transfers of Value to Patients and Patient Organizations can be downloaded by clicking HERE


2021 Collaborative Agreement Summary

The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) and Aimmune Therapeutics UK Limited (Aimmune) have entered into a Collaborative Working Agreement called the BRIT Registry Collaborative Working Agreement.

The aim of the collaboration is to support the BRIT Registry which is a registry for immunotherapy that is open to all consultant members of the BSACI in the UK to register their practice for adult and paediatric patients and to record Serious Adverse Events during immunotherapy treatment.

The parties hope that the BRIT Registry will help to improve patient care by monitoring the safety and clinical effectiveness of treatment and by recording Serious Adverse Events that take place during immunotherapy treatment of patients under the care of consultants who are members of the BSACI practicing in the UK and also provide evidence to guide the commissioning of allergy services and develop clinical management guideline developments.

The Term of the Collaborative Working Agreement is for a period of three years starting from 23 November 2021. The BSACI, Aimmune and other pharmaceutical companies have contributed resources to this collaboration.


For details regarding Aimmune’s Clinical Trials, please visit the EU Clinical Trials Register